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Medical Tourism is a term that refers to the travelling of people to a place different from the place of resides for getting medical treatment in that country. Generally, this is seen among people from less developed countries moving towards countries with better facilities and medical centers that are much more developed. This is just because those types of medical facilities are unavailable in their own country or community. In the recent trends it has been noticed that people are travelling from developed countries to the third world countries for medical treatments because of cost considerations. Although the orthodox patter still is in practice. Another reason for medical travel is that some treatments are not legal in their home country and they can easily get them done in other countries such as fertility procedures.

Some of the people travel to get special medical surgeries and other specific treatments such as hair implants or fertility procedures these are categorized as Hair tourism or fertility tourism respectively. People with rare genetic disorder, travel to countries that have doctors who have better understanding of their disorder and have expertise and skill set to cure them successfully.

Medical Tourism is not completely risk free. The tourists are subject to a variety of risks, which may include amoebic dysentery, tuberculosis, thrombosis, poor post operative care and many others.

Medical tourism can be further categorized into Health tourism and wellness tourism.

Health Tourism is basically connected with travel that focuses primarily on the utilization of healthcare services and medical treatments. It covers a wide field of health oriented tourism ranging from rehabilitational and curative forms of travel to health conductive and preventive.

Wellness Tourism is another horizontal of Medical tourism. On the occasion of the 9th National Conference on Health Economy held in Rostock/Germany in 2013, it was defines as the branch of the branch of health and tourism economy that contributes to maintaining and restoring health and well-being in particular by using validated medical services.