Body Hair Transplant

Modern technology in Body Hair Transplantation

Body Hair Transplant


Hair transplantation normally requires scalp hair to be used as an alternative for the transplantation procedure. But, there are cases when the patient does not have a good donor area to serve that purpose. It is then, hair from various parts of the body need to be used as an alternative means.

If not the scalp, then where?

Patients with a lesser density of scalp hair need to use other donor areas to transplant hair to other bald areas of the scalp. Other donor areas may include the beard, shoulders, chest, arms, legs and the pubic area. The thickness & texture of hair from these areas may differ from hair on the scalp. If body hair is used on the scalp, it is said to grow faster as a result of the scalp dermis of the transplanted hair.

Medical practitioners & surgeons work with patients for detailed counselling, with medical history, general examination & surgery requirements. Sometimes, hair needs to be transplanted into the eyebrows as well, and thus hair taken from other parts of the body will continue to grow with the same texture & characteristics.

The Technique is Challenging

Body Hair Transplantation or BHT is challenging process as it is a very tedious task to extract hair from other parts of the body & thus, the best donor areas are the chest and the beard, thousands of hair grafts can be done from these donor areas. At any time, 1000 to 5000 hair strands can be extracted in one or maybe two days. Techniques such as FUE or follicular unit extraction can be used to extract hair from the chest, beard, back or the abdominal area. The chest area can be quite sensitive and thus requires sedation and anaesthesia. There are some medical parameters that we need to consider when considering transplantation of hair from other areas such as growth rate, responsiveness, calibre and more. Thus, it means that the growth pattern can be different and slow as the follicles of scalp hair differ from body hair.

Who is a patient for BHT?

Patients who have very less scalp donor hair can be the right candidates for this therapy. Individuals with abundant body hair with good quality are also considered as the right candidates for this procedure. A patch test is done for patients that last for about 3 months or more, therein if the tests are positive, the next step is taken. The BHT procedure is a bit costlier than other hair transplant techniques such as FUT and FUE.


If patients have less scalp hair, then surgeons need to use hair from other parts of the body as an alternative for this procedure. The results after surgery are very natural and it is seen that body hair grows quite nicely with a yield rate of over 75%, but results may actually vary from patient to patient.

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