PRP Treatment for Hair Loss in Delhi & Gurgaon|PRP for Hair Loss & Regrowth

Leverage a positive impact on hair-growth with Platelet-Rich Plasma(PRP)

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All our centers are providing excellent PRP treatment/therapy for hair Loss in Delhi & Gurgaon. PRP is also being used to promote growth post hair transplant.


Every man or woman goes through hair loss problems at some point of time in their life. The reasons could be many, it could be a genetic problem, terminal health issues, stress, pollution, or using hair products with harsh chemical ingredients. People go for various treatments for their hair problems, be it transplants, oil or massage therapy, or even considering wearing a wig. But, where there’s technology, there will always be a break-through solution- get effective hair regrowth& prominent results with platelet rich plasma or PRP.

What is this new Technology?

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is a modern method to treat various problems of alopecia for male and female patients. This new technology is a non-surgical initiative for rejuvenation or stimulation of hair growth for hair loss conditions. The science behind PRP has been discovered at acellular level – blood cells contain stem cells called mesenchymal stem cells & other autologous products that serve as growth promoters.

This procedure involves taking the patient’s own blood & processing it in a centrifuge to separate the platelets from the other constituents. Platelets contain substances that promote hair growth at a cellular level. This platelet rich blood is then infused into the scalp with micro-needles. PRP is commonly a pre-operative& post-operative solution before& after hair transplants, it acts as a catalyst to speed up the hair growth process of new follicles after an implant.

The Science behind PRP

Platelet rich plasma or PRP treatment needs to be carried out about 2-3 weeks before a hair transplant procedure, & then 3 additional sessions spaced between a span of 5-7 weeks apart, this accelerates the growth of transplanted hair & shows significant progress for new growth of existing hair. An anaesthesia needs to be administered on the scalp for the patient to experience a painless procedure. The platelet rich plasma is injected into the scalp & the hair is washed immediately after the injections are administered. The patient can drive home without any assistance as no sedatives are administered.

Platelets contain various structures such as glycogen, lysosomes, and alpha granules. These constituents accelerate growth of hair and speed up the healing process. PRP therapy decreases hair fall, & improves the quality of hair and makes them thick. Multiple sessions of PRP needs to be taken depending on the patients and their hair growth.

Who shouldn’t go in for PRP?

Candidates should not go in for PRP if-

  • They suffer from terminal conditions like – skin diseases, liver problems, cancer, & systemic disorders
  • Have performed anti-coagulation procedures
  • They have platelet dysfunction syndrome

Post Procedural Care

There are no restrictions post PRP treatment, patients may follow normal lives by using hair friendly shampoos and conditioners with a normal diet & can perform various chores. A brief inflammation can be observed on the scalp for a few hours, it is advised that no colouration be applied on the scalp for at least 96 hours after the procedure.

The Cost& Advantage Factor

The cost of PRP starts from 5000 and ranges to 15000 per session & depending on the type of treatment. This procedure is completely non-surgical, it lasts for a period of about an hour, safe & reliable results, quick recovery, & beautiful end results.


Platelet rich plasma treatment has proved to be an effective & painless method to decrease hair loss & increase new hair growth. It is advisable for individuals to go for this treatment after proper consultation and guidance from the best Hair Restoration Professionals in the industry.

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