Mesotherapy for Hair Loss

Restore & stimulate hair growth and lustre with state-of-the-art Mesotherapy Technology

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There are many hair growth & rejuvenation procedures for hair loss, thinning, blading & more. Adding another feather to the hat comes with the name of Mesotherapy- a non-invasive hair growth technique devised by hair restoration professionals.

“Meso” means middle, but what more?

Hair loss issues have been documented and experienced by millions of people around the globe. People generally start losing hair when they are in their 30’s, the condition can even start earlier if patients suffer from ailments, genetic or hereditary issues, environmental problems, or by not following hair and scalp etiquettes.

The mesoderm is one of the three germ layers – Endoderm, Mesoderm & Ectoderm

The transformation of blastocyst into a term called “gastrula”, gives rise to these 3 layers, & the movement of these cells are called morphogenetic movements. After the formation of the endoderm, the remaining part mass cells form embryonic discs, that disc can be categorised into cephalic margin, caudal margin and embryonic disc proper.

The Mesoderm that we are talking about is formed from the cells of the caudal margin, which undergoes cell division to form the mesoderm.

The ectoderm is formed from the remaining cells of the embryonic disc.

The Mesoderm is responsible for connective tissue, bone marrow, lymphatic vessels, epithelial tissues & much more. It is at this part of the body, microinjections are administered to stimulate the area of the mesoderm or the epidermal layer of the skin. This encourages natural hair regeneration and proliferation. The probable cause of hair loss is a result of reduced blood circulation, hormone imbalance, lack of healthy nutrients. The constituents injected into the scalp help boost vitamins and create better conditions for circulation, as well as the percentage of hormones – Dihydrotestosterone(DTH) that causes hair loss or balding is reduced. This therapy solves problems related to balding, patchy hair loss & thinning of hair.

Mesotherapy Solutions at a chemical level

Solutions injected into the scalp or at the mesoderm layer comprise of acetyl tetrapeptide-3 and Biochanin A, the mixture of these two chemicals creates a combination that stimulates growth. This in turn increases the size of the follicle in the roots, improves blood circulation & neutralizes elements that cause balding or hair loss.

A Process that works!

The Mesotherapy process works in two ways- being mechanical & chemical. The chemical side of the story has already been elaborated above, but the mechanical side incorporates microinjections being used to make small perforations in the scalp, to help produce hair building blocks like – Elastin & Collagen. Solutions such as Vasodilators are used to enhance blood circulation, if there is any inflammation during or after the process, anti-inflammatory injections are administered to supress the inflammation.

Mesotherapy has benefits but who shouldn’t go for it

This process has benefits in terms of being a painless procedure, that is absolutely not time consuming (30-60 mins for a single sitting), painless, does not have any side effects & causes no bruises or bleeding.

With its benefits, it also has some important pointers that patients need to know before undergoing this procedure. This process is not applicable for patients who are suffering from Kidney and Liver problems, pregnant and nursing women, as well as patients who have a pacemaker installed for cardiac problems.

How many sessions does it take?

The number of sessions depend on how well a patient responds to the treatment. But on an average count, it takes about 10-15 sessions divided over 4 months. It takes about a month’s time for this treatment to show initial results, but it does show improved volume, reduced hair loss and stronger hair.


Mesotherapy has been used as a successful alternative for other treatments without any side effects. Taking care of your hair after the procedure is very easy, hair restoration professionals encourage people to use shampoos and conditioners that keep your hair clean, maintain moisture levels & it is also advised that patients should follow a nutritious diet followed by exercise to keep toxins out of the body.

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